Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Running again!

After several weeks off, I finally started running again. Sunday and Monday were runs along a very snow packed trail. Monday was most beautiful! I did a headlamp run at dusk during a perfect snowfall. I found myself laughing at several points because of how ridiculous I must have looked trying to "run" gracefully through 6 inches of snow. It's a great workout though and I'm hoping the uneven terrain will strengthen my ankles and knees. I didn't figure out mileage either day, just ran for 45 minutes. My heel felt fine during and after the run. The only time it seems to hurt now is when I ice it. I think I'll discontinue that process and see what happens. I'm just very happy to be back out there!

For those who have asked...I AM enjoying my new job. My co-workers are great, very humorous and fun, even while being dedicated to a truly difficult profession. Many people have asked why I would return to this type of work - especially "since I'm licensed." I find that slightly irritating and a bit funny at the same time. I guess I have several responses which include:

1) A license is a piece of paper and a number. I don't think it should dictate who I serve.
2) Shouldn't impoverished people also receive quality care?
3) I went to school to become a social worker. It was a choice, partly made because of the social work code of ethics and commitment to service and social justice.
4) It's a system I understand. I may not always agree 100%, but I believe in its purpose and intention.
5) I have an intense fear of waking up one day as a private practice therapist.

I'm smiling as a I write #5. It is directed to those who know me best, who can also laugh at the absurdity of that idea.


Danni said...

Yay yay yay! Social work is, to me, one of the most noble professions and I'm so proud of you for being a do-gooder. I'm also glad you're running again. I will run with you one evening soon -- unless you want to join Leanne and I for a morning pre-work run ;)

Iris said...

Ha! I don't think it's so much being a do-gooder as being selfish and doing something I really enjoy. If I lived in town I would for sure join you and Leanne! Good luck this weekend on your 50k.

Marisa said...

Iris-- #5! Rock on...I wish you didn't live across the country--

Iris said...

Me too Marisa. I miss you!

Melissa said...

I'm beyond jealous of your ability to know exactly what you want to do and make it happen. I can only hope to some day (probably years from now) find a job I truly enjoy doing.

Congratulations on the job and running and everything. I'm itching to run again. Hopefully in a week or two I'll get the okay from my PT.