Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peroneal Subluxation from running?

We can now call this an official injury blog. I am currently cursing all the years of ballet and what I can now see as forced turn-out. I've made a mess out of my body and am now paying for it. Obviously, running like a duck has created even more of a problem. Just over a month ago, I felt a snap over the ankle bone. A few hours later, it did it again, and again, and again. Immediately, I got into my sports medicine doc who did some kind of ultrasound imaging. We all got to see the darn tendons slipping over each other. He couldn't get the tendon to go right over the bone, so recommended conservative treatment of RICE and a brace. It seemed so unstable that I put myself on crutches for two weeks. When I went back, they wanted me walking. Guess what? One week later, and the tendon is moving all over the place again. I'm all for conservative treatment, but all the research I've read on this beast points to surgical intervention.

Monday morning, I'm going to meet with a surgeon and hopefully have more of a plan. This plain and simply sucks. Not because I can't run, but because I can't walk my dog, clean the house, carry on my normal work routine. It sucks because I'll have to take time off from work, find a new dog walker (the one I'm using now just got a new job - happy for her, not for Bud), and find another way to deal with the increasing anxiety.

Oh, and I'm buying a road bike. As much as I love to run, I'm not sure it's worth the endless misery of injury. How's that for good cheer?