Monday, January 21, 2008

- 4 degree run

Sunday morning was supposed to bring a long run with the group, but I woke up to a foot of new snow. We spent the morning shoveling snow to get our vehicles out. It was hard work, and an adventure in itself!

The long run was postponed until today (yay for holidays) and the temperature at noon was - 4. So, I loaded on the clothes. Wicking base layer, followed by wicking turtleneck, then my thick pullover, followed by a windbreaker. Under Armour tights, fleece pants and my rain pants to keep out the wind on the bottom. I had a hat, scarf, mittens, gaiters, trail shoes, yak trax and fuel belt. By the time I was out the door, I was feeling 10 lbs. heavier and HOT.

I did manage to be out there for 90 minutes though, and enjoyed the sunshine. Today's run was a loop course around my home which I did three times, plus an out and back section. Because of where I live, there is always an uphill portion about a mile in length, and a steady longer downhill section. Usually, I can run most of the uphill, but with all the snow, I had to power hike a lot of it. I figure winter is for endurance training anyway, and learning to hike the uphills is good for longer races. During the run, I had to knock my water bottle on rocks to break up the ice. I enjoyed a yummy crisp apple slushy. By the time I was done, I was feeling it in my hips and legs, and I had icicles hanging from my hat, scarf and gloves. All in all, a really good run!

My heel seems fine, even with the increase in mileage, so Snow Joke, here I come!

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Danni said...

Awesome! We missed you Sunday. I barely slogged through that run though. Snow Joke will be a blast.