Saturday, January 26, 2008

My weekend

The pictures are from last night's "let's see how many therapists we can fit in my cabin" get together. I was a bit concerned about the road to my place, but we only had to push one vehicle. I'm not even sure we helped since our shoes couldn't get any traction on the ice. Not everyone could make it, but it was good to see those who did.

Some of us then had to get up early for a conference put on my this agency. It was a good morning session, but by the end of the afternoon, I was dragging. Instead of a nap, I decided to test out my new trail shoes that I got for 50% off! The color is not fabulous, but they seem to have good traction - a total impulse buy. (Thanks for the idea, Kelly!) I had my running clothes in the truck, but no shoes, so I decided to give the new ones a try. I headed out to a trail to find the snow way too deep to run. I sidetracked to a paved road and did about 4 miles. Pavement is not the best way to try out trail shoes, but they seemed to be OK. They are different from most of my shoes as the heel is low to the ground. One thing I really liked is "mono-sock" fit system. It really hugs your foot. Reminded me of my old toe shoes.

I'll be traveling for work this week, hoping to find some new trails in the process. Maybe I'll have a few new adventures and pictures to post when I get back!


Danni said...

I haven't seen you in forever!

Iris said...

I know! I had planned to run with you all yesterday, but left early to travel before the bad weather hit. Glad I did since it's now 35 below wind chill! Hope to see you next week.