Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Good Weekend

After spending a lazy Saturday morning with a good book, I thought I'd better get some fresh air before the clouds covered the sun. I went to a local paved trail hoping it had been plowed. It was not, so I got to spend almost an hour running through packed snow again. It's a great workout, but covering any distance takes a lot longer than on cleared roads! That night, I spent some time with my former supervisor and her husband relaxing and catching up.

This morning, I joined my running group for a long run near Lakeside. We caught beautiful views of the snow covered mountains surrounding Flathead Lake. The road had several big hills, which I walked, since my heel is still in recovery mode and hills seem to make it worse. I had started out with the intention of only doing 5-6 miles (with the 10% rule in mind), but the view and company won out and I ended up doing around 9 miles. Oops. Oh well, my heel held up with only a slight tightening at the very end. I have to say though, the run was tough. I know taking six weeks off was good for me, but wow does your body rebel once you get going again.

When I started running, I ran primarily alone. Although I still like the solitude for many runs, I find that it sure is nice to have a group of people to connect with during long runs. I could not have hand-picked a more easy going, patient, kind and supportive group of people. Awhile back, we did an informal half marathon, and one of our runners made awards for several categories. You'll find the pictures from the after party posted to the right under Photo Links GGRRC Half Marathon.

Last, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday is January 21st, so I thought I'd post a link to a great song by Patty Griffin "Up to the Mountain." (Mom -just double click the play button on the video screen). Not only is it a tribute to an amazing man, but the lyrics can definitely apply to any one of us.

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Danni said...

That's awesome that someone plowed for you and you ran 9! miles this morning! I love that Lakeside run and was hoping to be back in time but was just too beat to drive home last night (and didn't want to miss the partay with HURL).