Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Amtrak update

The bag has been found. Someone took it off the train halfway between Whitefish and Williston. 
It now has been turned back in to Whitefish. Because a second alert was sent out yesterday, the agent knew how to contact me. She asked if I wanted it sent to Williston. Yikes! I don't think so. I'll live in my $10 jeans until Saturday! Other than travel tips - the lesson learned? I can live with just the basics. A good reminder once in awhile. 

Because my camera was also in the missing luggage, I didn't get pictures of my niece. I'm going to try and snag some from family members to post. It really was amazing to see my sister as a new mom. Even at the airport, balancing bags, bottles, carrier, and baby while going through security, she seemed like she'd been doing the mother thing forever. And my niece is beautiful. I'm thankful for the time I had with them. 

Happy New Year!

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