Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Update

X-rays were taken. No bones are broken. We thought it was just a sprain. Unfortunately, once the massive swelling subsided, it was clear that I probably tore part of the ligament from the bone. I am now wearing a very sexy black brace and trying to fit the maneuvering of crutches into my daily routine. The students at my school are calling me hopalong. The adults are taking bets on how long before I chuck them. My husband is threatening the dreaded "boot" that I had to wear during my fractured sesamoid ordeal. My clue that this was not an ordinary sprain was the shooting pain along with one very disgusting looking spot above my ankle bone. I keep it wrapped because it kind of freaks me out to think about it.

Of course, I am faced with no running for awhile. Combine no running with the just purchased La Sportiva Fireblades and Athleta Capris staring me in the face. Add to that my phobia of going to a gym to cross train. Plus, my husband is out of town and working really crazy shifts this week. So, what's a girl to do?

1) Join facebook. A great time waster and a very scary glimpse into the past.
2) Put on the shoes and capris and limp around the house pretending to go for a run.
3) Convince husband to take a road trip this weekend to buy a piece of cross training equipment.
4) Work even longer hours than usual to avoid sadness when greeted by sunshine.
5) Remind self of what life could be like without legs to run, arms to carry, etc.

I'm going to be positive about this whole experience. But, I beg of you all. Please update your blogs frequently so I can at least be entertained by your running stories!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Many thanks to Rebecca

Friends who run are the best. Rebecca is one of them. Reasons why?

1) She was up for a late afternoon run yesterday even after I ditched her Saturday for a trip to the hospital.

2) She also agreed to try out the trails knowing there might be crunchy snow and ice.

3) She expressed concern without freaking out when I completely and totally slipped on the ice and wiped out.

4) She didn't laugh when I did it a SECOND time just a few minutes later.

5) She recommended, in all seriousness, sliding down the rest of the ice chute on my butt (and I really considered it).

6) She didn't caution me when I tried to run again, allowing me to test for damage to my ankle.

7) She didn't question it when I asked to walk again because I felt like my leg was broken.

8) She checked in on me today and with optimistic enthusiasm asked if I wanted to run 14 miles on Saturday. I love that because it makes me hopeful too!

Unfortunately, this is what my ankle looks like tonight - 24 hours later. I've got a baseball growing out the side of it. Steve's convinced me it's not broken, but says torn ligaments sometimes take longer to heal. So it's RICE for me. The bad luck spell needs to be broken. Someone send me some magic please!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eight Days Later (Don't read if you are easily grossed out).

My body has decided to revolt against all food. For several days, I survived on Gatorade and/or Hammer Heed. Whenever I tried one of the recommended "bland" choices, I'd immediately become nauseous or worse. It's not that I wasn't hungry, but it was easier to just not eat than suffer the consequences. As long as there was no food in my stomach, I functioned fine.

By Thursday, though, I had such awful hunger pangs that I said the heck with it, I'm eating. Not a good decision. After another sleepless night due to nausea, cramping, and frequent trips to visit my new best friend, the toilet bowl, I went to see the doc. I was poked and prodded and asked several times if I'd recently drank untreated creek water. Um, no. (Although not such a dumb question to one who hikes or runs trails.)

Then, I was sent to the hospital for blood work and instructions for how to give a stool sample. If only they had told me that piece of good news when I first arrived - say three hours earlier? 'Cause the fact was, I had nothing left in me. Add to that the pressure of needing to produce enough of something to check for the complicated list of gross things on my lab request that could be taking over my body completely put a halt to the entire process. I felt faint, wanted to pass out, then froze. So, here I sit with my bucket, in the off chance I might be brave enough to eat real food to produce a specimen in order to rush it back to the lab within the allotted time frame. Good times.

And how is your weekend?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Change in Plans

This weekend was supposed to be our local Fat Ass 50k. Leanne and Danni were coming down to run it with me, and to watch Anton on DVD. Unfortunately, the weather around here warmed up dramatically, which melted all of the snow and then turned it to ice. Although it was the right (meaning safe) decision for the girls to stay home, I was soooo sad. I think my loving husband was even more sad for me. He took me out for a nice dinner, bought me a book and magazine, rented a movie with a big movie theatre sized box of Junior Mints.

And I didn't get to enjoy any of it! I got the WORST stomach bug ever experienced in this lifetime. So bad in fact, that Steve ventured out at 3 am to get a prescription to stop all of the nasty things that were happening to me. It's now Sunday, and I'm once again under blankets "resting." Most of you know I'm not so good at that. Stupidly, I thought I was normal this morning, so jumped out of bed, washed the sheets and towels, decontaminated the bathroom and garbage can, ate some toast, and then almost passed out. I guess that means I won't be running today?

On to the good news...Rebecca finished the Walt Disney Marathon today! As you might remember, she raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with Team in Training. Go here to read her blog or here to help Rebecca meet her fundraising goal. Way to go Rebecca - can't wait to hear about your experience!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The search begins...

Saturday is the club's long run day, but I skipped it to go house hunting. Yep, we're looking to buy for the first time in our marriage. I'm lucky to have a husband who's been diligent in budgeting for a down payment, and it seems that our living/employment situations are finally stabilizing. I'm excited because a) I love this community and am so happy to be living here, b) there are a few great neighborhoods very close to trails that offer homes within our price range, c) we will finally be able get a dog!!!

Several people have expressed sympathy for us having to leave the Flathead Valley. I would agree that the views there are arguably more dramatic and beautiful, and I do miss trips to Glacier Park. However, I feel that most of the time I spent LOOKING at the view, not necessarily being PART OF IT. Often, I'd spend more time driving to a trail location than actually being on the trail. Here, I can be at a variety of trail heads within moments every single day. Even running the roads is entertaining because of the gulch views. So, please don't feel sorry for me. I'm quite content.

Due to several storm systems moving through over the last few weeks, we've had some unusually dark days. Today, the sun greeted us once again. It was blinding against all of the snow. Despite it being only 11 degrees, the sun was so warm I was able to run in a long sleeve turtleneck without any jacket. Due to fear of being out of cell phone reception (I'm on-call yet again), I could only get in six miles. Here's me posing, squinting in the sunlight.

I took this picture of tracks left by someone who hit the "ditch" or really deep snow. It's not clear the depth of snow in the picture, but hopefully, whoever it was had four wheel drive! My poor car, even with studded tires, wouldn't have made it out.

Hope you all had a good New Year holiday. I'm not much for resolutions, but I will say this - I'm setting limits at work. No more doing paperwork every night and weekend. If that's not possible, I'm finding a new career...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - Happy New Year!

Rebecca kindly sent out an invitation to the running club to join us for the first run of 2009. We were surprised that people did show - maybe a jump start to their resolutions? A couple people chose a four mile loop, but the rest of us continued on. It was only about 20 degrees, but after the cold temperatures this month, we all felt happy for the "balmy" weather.

The picture below is of Alan and Larry running a trail next to some local ice fishermen (women?). In North Dakota, ice fishermen have little houses to protect them from the elements. Here, people just seem to sit on the ice and fish without any shelter from wind or snow.
The group started at Crossroads fitness center, introduced me to yet another great trail that's actually FLAT, and looped around to the Centennial Trail. Here is Rebecca and Alan on the Centennial portion. The trail was a bit rough to navigate due to a whole lot of crusty, frozen, icy footprints under the new snow, but the snow was just starting to fall with no wind. Perfect!

Once everyone arrived back to Crossroads, I continued on, repeating part of the Le Grande Cannon trail. It's a great winter running route and particularly beautiful with big giant snowflakes falling. The next picture is of a cool little bridge nestled along the way. Then, one of me posing on the trail, followed by the view. A little plug for Target; I wore the C9 running pants over my tights today for a little warmth. Very comfortable and even long enough for me. Marisa, you should check them out!

I added on some miles by running out part of Grizzly Gulch. By this time, fatigue was setting in. The bonk happened because I had only brought a couple of gels and took them too late in the run. I wasn't drinking nearly enough either considering my already dehydrated state. My pace dropped to a shuffle for the return to my car. Oh well, I ended up with a incredibly fun 16 mile run!