Thursday, April 29, 2010

When all else fails...

Ouch. Last week's hip ache has been more clearly identified as a quad strain. I've continued to run because it actually hurts less than walking. With a border collie, I've still got to do one or the other twice a day; rest is not an option. A couple night's ago, I finally just got out the rolling pin. It's rarely used as I'm not a baker, so I didn't feel the least bit guilty using it for rehab purposes. Painful, but it seems to be helping. Currently, we're in the middle of yet another snowstorm. I'm very over winter. It's going to be fun delivering May baskets tomorrow with first graders in 30 degree temps, snow and ice. Happy May Day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still Sore

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments and emails this week. I've got to get me a foam roller.

When Buddy and I left the house yesterday morning, the plan was to run 8 miles on trails. Unfortunately, the bugger of a hip flexor continues to cause me discomfort. After running through pain with previous injuries - I knew enough to STOP. Instead of running, we hiked up to Mt. Ascension, watching the trail running group go by with envy.

**PLUG-DON'T FENCE ME IN is coming up on May 8th!!!**

It was a beautiful morning though and we enjoyed our trip up. The hiking must have stretched out my hip because I was having no pain. I changed plans and headed down the other side and added on a 5 mile run. Afterwards, Steve and I bought and planted a few more annuals and perennials for the front yard. We are waiting impatiently to see what comes up for our first Spring in the new home!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Run Thoughts?

Last weekend, we tried out our new camper in Missoula, which allowed me to do a 15 mile run in the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area. I've often wondered about the variations of advice regarding long run pace. Most of the time, I just meander along, not paying much attention to time. On trails, I am SLLLOOOWWW, especially if there are a lot of climbs. This could be that I'm often just plain lazy and don't really try to make an effort.

The trails in the Rattlesnake vary from rolling to steep. I wanted to TRY and keep my average pace around 11 min/mile, running everything I possibly could. The plan was to go really easy with a few miles at a faster pace in the middle. Somehow, motivation kicked in, and six of the fifteen miles were at a 9:30-9:40 pace, with the rest all over the place depending on how steep the sections were. At the end of the run, my average pace was 10:58!!! It was fun and not quite as painful as I expected.

However, the down side was a lot of soreness the next day, especially in my hip flexors. My questions is - do most of you experience this the day after a long run or do you make your long runs really slow and have a faster, easier recovery? Either way, I got to run here...
As for the camping, it was fun. Buddy wasn't quite sure what to think. In fact, he kept me awake until 3am trying to decide if it was safet to sleep. And, of course, he claimed the bed.

Gotta love this dog though. It's been too hot in the afternoon for him to run, at least until he sheds the winter coat. We've adapted with Buddy jumping on the bed at 5:45 am to run while watching the sun rise over the mountains. Only for my dog!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saved by Gu Roctane

In the past couple of weeks, I've run almost 60 miles of trails. It was unintentional and a whole lotta fun. Today's plan was for a 10 mile long run on favorite Mt. Helena trails. Of course, Buddy decided he wanted to come too, even after one of his histrionic "please don't leave me" episodes hurt his hip. Change in plans. Buddy joined me for the first few on gravel road, not even whimpering when Steve picked him up. He's a tired and sore pup!

Off I set to see sunshine and good views. I hadn't seen the north side of Mt. Helena in awhile, and with the beetle infested tree removal, the landscape looked way different. Still beautiful now that you can see the green trees, but no more of the shady escape as before.

View from Ambrose Trail

Maybe all the previous miles added up, but by the time I started the first climb up to the saddle, I was dead legs and no pep. My average pace quickly slowed. The additional miles weren't needed but I decided to see what would happen with some experimentation. In went a Saltstick, a mini Luna bar and water. Powering up, I did ATTEMPT to run the switchbacks, but it was more like a crawl. Once I reached the saddle at 9 miles, I remembered the coveted pineapple Gu Roctane.
Me bonking
Wowza! That stuff worked like a charm, and I was back in the game. The ridge was beckoning with views of snow capped mountains in every direction. It was cold though when exposed to the wind.
My planned ten turned into more as I discovered a new trail that had to be explored. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my way back the way I intended, so had to do an extra mile on road before I found the car. 14 miles total - 11 of which were on trail!!!!

The new header picture is a happy me celebrating the first long trail run in OVER A YEAR! No Achilles or ankle pain the entire way. Can we say bring on Elkhorn?