Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good Samaritan

Here's a shout out to my very kind neighbor who plowed my driveway this afternoon. I live in the mountains at the top of a very steep curving road with an even steeper driveway. With all the snow we've gotten, my poor car finally gave up. After calling our management office, I was given a phone number of someone who knows someone who knows someone who would plow the driveway for a fee. Well, the first person I called said he would plow mine tomorrow. By the time I got home today, he was almost done. I can't tell you how relieved I was to have a place to park my car. Just when I was beginning to curse winter (and miss the city and DC's metro system), a good hearted person shows up to change my negative attitude!

Because of this gesture, I didn't have to shovel out an area to park my car, and had an hour to run before dark. I enjoyed a quiet run through fresh snow in fairly warm weather. Since I did the route around my home, I had some significant uphill portions and my heel managed fine.

I also had the chance to try out my new Fuel Belt Excursion. I've been looking for a two bottle belt because I like to have one bottle of water and the option to carry an electrolyte mix, and I don't really like the Camelbaks. This particular belt has a velcro adjustable closure so that it doesn't loosen as I run. I've used Fuel Belt products before with good success and this one was no exception. I loved it!

After six weeks with no running, I've forgotten how much a person needs to drink to stay hydrated. I tend to get muscle cramps when dehydrated and I got back home with horrible foot cramps. Now, I'll spend the evening making extra trips to the bathroom as the four 22 oz. bottles of water I gulped down work their way through.

One last thing - wish Danni good luck as she runs her first Fat Ass 50k this weekend!

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