Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peroneal Tendon Update

An update for those struggling with peroneal tendon issues... It's been 108 days since my last run. Next Wednesday, it will be 14 weeks. Things are looking up. I've been out of my ASO brace for almost two weeks. The "advanced" eccentric exercises seem to be helping the most. No pain, although I've still got a lot of swelling. The nice folks at Tread Lightly loaned me a pair of hot pink compression socks to try out. They are a little pricey - we'll see if they help with the swelling.

My workouts right now include 30-60 minutes of walking, 25 minutes of stationary bike, and 30 minutes of strength training every day. I can balance on my injured leg for 30 second intervals and made it to a minute last week. I've got three eccentric exercises that I do every other day because they really fatigue the tendon. On my non eccentric days, I get to "trot" (running reference but not toilet related) in place. My PT said she's "cautiously optimistic" about running and I may get to start pool running next week. Always hopeful!