Thursday, June 9, 2011

Active Release

More on this injury. If I have any readers left at all, I am so sorry for endlessly boring you with this crap. Someday, I hope to have more adventures to write about. For now, this is my own personal diary of what will hopefully become triumph over one tiny rebellious little tendon and its protector.

After three weeks of Active Release through this amazing place I have regained a huge range of movement in my ankle, my tendon is gliding through the groove again, I have absolutely no pain and very little swelling. I guess the pain I'd been experiencing for so long was scar tissue preventing the tendon from moving properly. All of the PT was creating extreme tightness and burning pain. Admittedly, I was terrified to have it worked on; paranoid that it would tear more or something.
Honestly, I have put myself entirely in the hands of Dr. Mark. No questions. I look forward to every visit because there is noticeable improvement each time. It's worth the drive. Old nagging hip and lower back pain is also relieved. For those of you who poo poo the chiropractor, I encourage you to give Active Release a try. Why?

So you can do the happy dance!

Which is exactly what I did post ART session while still in the office. And then I ran in place with a goofy grin. WooHoo!

Now I have to overcome my new fear of actually running...although I may start swimming since I'm starting to grow gills in all of this rain.