Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Disclaimer: This post is going to be absolutely boring and unappealing to anyone other than those rehabilitating an injury or those who want to prevent one.

My first physical therapy appointment happened today, exactly 8 weeks from date of dislocation. I know the exact date because it's the most freakishly weird injury I've ever had. Google peroneal subluxation and you'll see why. I had specific instructions from the surgeon to pass on to the therapist. My hyper vigilant need to immediately share the exact information along with my extreme mental fear of the tendon viciously cracking against the bone must have made me look like a wild eyed crazy person. After our first hour, she kind of laughed and said "you are pretty intense!" I'm still trying to figure out if that is a good or bad thing.

2nd Disclaimer: It could also be that lack of sleep and intense fatigue from three very sad work related days have left me confused about date, time and the English language.

While I'm excited to be starting PT, I've got to say it was really hard. I have no strength left at all, but I learned a lot.

The first 20 minutes we just worked on standing correctly. Standing! I guess I stand on my heels which puts all stress on the peroneal tendons. My shoes also push my feet out adding to the problem. Combined with my genetically altered perching tendons -I was a predisposed waiting to happen mess. So, now I'm learning to stand straight with weight moved forward over the balls of my feet so my calves and the rest of me do some of the work.

Second, I got to do some ballet moves (tendu) with the weight centered over my injured foot. I worked on squaring my hips, pulling up from the center, and utilizing my entire foot and body to support my weight. ALL OF THIS I KNOW, but obviously have forgotten since becoming a lazy non-dancer. "Sigh" I used to be so disciplined. What happened?

Third, I'm doing isometrics to strengthen ankle support muscles. Pretty easy stuff, but it's so hard mentally. Some of the moves will replicate the exact moment of dislocation. Psychologically, I'm just not over it.

Absolutely no other exercise yet. In fact, I will start on an extreme core whole body strengthening program on Monday. Until I'm much stronger, I can't do anything else. We're rehabbing it just as if I'd had the surgery. She's confident I'll run again, but it could be another four months. Baby steps. At least I've got a plan. Remember? I'm good with plans.

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Danni said...

I hope you heal up soon.