Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surgeon Visit and MRI

Yesterday, I braved nasty roads to meet with a foot and ankle specialist in Great Falls. Of course, the day of appointment, my tendon behaved nicely. It didn't matter what we threw at it, the sucker wouldn't budge. That's good news if I had a small tear and it's healing on its own. Not sure what it means if my MRI comes back with bad news. I'm starting to look at this whole ordeal as a lesson in science. A few interesting things...

My feet are abnormal. I've said this before. Now, it's been confirmed by two doctors and an orthotic specialist. According to the surgeon, my peroneal tendon sits "perched" on the outside of my ankle bone, rather than behind. Genetics determined this, not anything I've done along the way. This might have predisposed me to injury.

Surgeons are cutters. They like to cut. End of topic.

Insurance companies are difficult. I was told I could not have the MRI for a week and not until the surgeon's notes were reviewed. The next day I was told I didn't need a prior authorization, so had to drive all the way back up today for the MRI.

The MRI machine sounds almost like jazz. I tried to pick out the patterns and come up with musical arrangements as I waited.

Orthotics are expensive. I just put down a whole lot of money to be told that I probably don't need them. Then, I talk to the orthotic guy who tells me I'm going to be difficult to fit because my feet are strange. I badly overpronate with a small part of my foot but the rest of it supinates. Go figure.

Hopefully, I'll have the results tomorrow.

Also, to any local readers/friends, thank you for the support. The emails, calls, invites for coffee, flowers, food, volunteering to walk the dog, etc. are all very appreciated. Sometimes the not so good things remind me of how good I've really got it.

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