Sunday, March 13, 2011

Isn't this a running blog?

Next week will be three months since my ankle went in a brace. It's the longest I've gone without a run since 2002. I've managed to avoid surgery so far, which is a very rare outcome with this uncommon injury.

Physical therapy still freaks me out a bit. I keep hearing "12 weeks for the retinaculum to repair itself, another 12 weeks for it to regain strength." I'm at 11 weeks and I don't like people - especially those holding an ultrasound probe - messing with my ankle bone. I'd rather listen to my body and follow its lead on what I'm ready to do.

And, it's proven ready to...

Walk 90 minutes at a time!

Walk some of that time on uneven ground.

Complete 30-40 minutes of strength and core work each day.

I've had no "pain" in the last 4 weeks. Some aching, mostly after icing. I do get some strange spasms of the tendon, which I hope will go away eventually.

The best part of an injury is learning what caused it. In this case, there's been lots of speculation. Primarily my stupidity in running snowy trails with a very weak body. We've also learned that my left glute/hip were basically not working, just going along for the ride. When I looked back on race pictures, sure enough, my left knee was falling in on every one. No running until that's fixed.

For now, I'm at least outside in our March sunshine with one very happy dog. Steve was also nice enough to buy me this for my new workouts.


Danni said...

Yay!!! Definitely weights would do you good. Get strong woman!

Jo Lynn said...

I do weight training twice a week and it has helped in all other physical activities I do.
You are looking for a bike? Buy one level up than you think you want right now. ;)

Morgan said...

Don't you just love the irony of being injured and not having any running material to talk about on your running blog? LOL! :)

Keep your head up girl, you've come this far and by listening to your body you'll be on the otherside of this soon enough!!! (Or at least that's what everyone keeps telling me! :)