Thursday, February 3, 2011

The results are in

First of all, I've had a great experience with my orthopedic surgeon. Knowing I had to travel to see him, he agreed to call with the results of the MRI and discuss treatment options. My cell phone was at the ready for the past two days, with staff knowing to take over if needed. I was afraid if it went to voice mail, I'd never connect with the doc.

When the call came, the first thing he asked is if I was teaching, and if I needed to find someone to cover while he waited. How nice was that? He also took quite a bit of time to explain everything and answer my questions.

The recap - MRI shows "high signaling" in the area of the retinaculum (tissue that holds peroneals in place) and bone edema. Which means that I had a tear which has started healing on its own, explaining the lack of current dislocation. For now, we're going to continue treating it conservatively in hopes that it will repair itself completely. Dr. T would have still done surgery to suture it in place, but with a family history of nerve disease he wants to do surgery on me only as a last result. After two more weeks in a brace, I'll start PT. If during PT, no dislocation, we'll start to build back up to normal activity. If it dislocates again, we'll do surgery at that time. Even surgery won't be the end of the world after he explained the proces and rehab.

What impressed me most was the concern regarding my sister's surgery experiences and lifetime with RSD. That fact that he was aware of current research, and the risks it presented to me, was very reassuring. Even if I have to eventually go that route, I feel like I'm in good hands. Either way, it will be awhile before I get to run.

But, I'm ok. Knowledge is amazing when it comes to easing anxiety.


Ewa said...

This is good news. Keeping fingers crossed that you won't need surgery. Your doc really sounds like a keeper; most unfortunately are scalpel happy and $ hungry.
Heal fast.

Anne said...

Glad the news is relatively good. Hopefully, the healing will continue on its own and PT will work its magic.

I hope you're doing well these days and that the asthma is under control.