Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend, my friend Danni and others have been out in the Alaska wilderness running the Susitna 100. I'm fascinated by this race since I love running during winter conditions - and runners have to pull a sled with all their emergency supplies. Danni constantly impresses me with her bravery to try new things and her mental toughness. Can't wait to read her race report!


Danni said...

You're sweet! I definitely tested the limites of my mental toughness but was defeated by physical reality :p Love you.

Iris said...

You did so well! If I'm ever strong enough again to run, I'd consider the shorter version (isn't there a little su?) Fascinated by Alaska and running through snow. Reminds me of running through ND blizzards every year. :) Hope to see you soon to hear all about it. Any trips to Helena in your future? If not, maybe Rebecca and I need to head up North?