Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick trip to Great Falls...

When Steve casually mentioned Friday night that he'd run with me the next morning, I didn't believe it. But, there he was with me Saturday morning on the River's Edge Trail for a 3 miler. It was sooo nice to have him join me. I know he'll continue to prefer the gym and treadmill, but I'm hoping he'll run with me again every once in awhile.

View of the river from River's Edge Trail - look closely, you can see the muddy singletrack below

Sunday morning, I planned to do a 14 miler on soft trail. Unfortunately, it had rained throughout the night, turning all the trails east of town into mud chutes.

More singletrack options

Instead, I dragged myself to the River's Edge Trail again. It was kind of misty when I started, but by mile 7, I was up against solid rain and small hailstones. I wimped out and called Steve (who was braving Wal-Mart alone - one of the million reasons I love him) asking him to meet me at the caboose, which was another 3 miles away.

Of course, the rained then stopped, so I called him again, saying I could make it home. I was wet, but enjoying the cool temperatures and solitude of a rainy day. I was three miles from home, when the sky opened up sending a wrath of torrential rain, wind, and freezing cold. My legs turned instantly red and went numb, a waterfall was coming off my cap, and I started to have pain in my knee and hip. I continued on, too stubborn to call for a ride and determined to finish the run. I was just coming out of the last tunnel about a mile from home when I saw my car pulling up alongside me. It was Steve coming to the rescue! I knew I had done only 13 miles, but who cares? There was a warm car with a very much loved husband in it...not a bad way to finish.

Rainbow Dam Overlook

Black Eagle Falls in the distance

View of Black Eagle Falls from the River's Edge Trail

It continued to rain for the next 24 hours. The temperature when I left Great Falls was 38 degrees. I hope this does not mean winter will arrive early...

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