Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A hopefully brief interlude

Every time I sit down to tackle a new blog entry, I don't get anywhere. I would say I'm in a bit of an "emotionally fragile" state. Even though Steve and I have moved almost every year of our marriage (and it will be 11 years this month), this one was really hard. I loved everything about life in Kalispell except the fact that I wasn't with my husband. Now, Steve is here which is absolutely great, but the task of finding my way in this new community needs energy I just don't seem to have right now. As a therapist, I know that I'm going through a grieving process and need time to adjust, but that hasn't provided much comfort. So, to prevent a series of whiny blog entries, I'm going to take a hiatus until I'm on my way to settling in to my new home.

A few messages though,

1) Great job to Rebecca, Deb and Ruth on a rainy but successful Two Bear experience.
2) Good luck Danni on the upcoming Le Grizz.
3) Carsten and other interested parties - for sure let's plan to meet up for a future race.
4) Chris - hope you kick some under 4 hour butt at Twin Cities.
5) Marisa and Julia - have a great time at Portland! You'll both do great.

Off to unpack more boxes...

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