Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dream Interpretation

I have always had crazy dreams, however, I can usually figure out the source and meaning to a certain extent. Last night, I had a dream (nightmare really) that has stayed with me all day. Here it goes...

I'm in what I assume is one scary hospital. I have just given birth and am searching through these dark rooms looking for "my babies." Yes, multiple. In my mind, I know there are three. Every room has these cute babies, but none are mine. I keep asking people, "where are my babies?" From the look on their faces, I know something is seriously wrong. They keep telling me there are no babies. Finally, I get to a door and the people won't let me in. I know "my babies" are in there. I break free of these people, wrench open the door, and inside, I see three babies, all with beautiful faces and the most horrible, grotesquely long lizard tails slithering around on the floor. And I wake up.

What the heck kind of dream is that? Upon waking up, I actually felt physical and heart wrenching PAIN. I can't get the images out of my head. It's going to be fun trying to fall asleep tonight.

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Berni said...

So I was thinking about your dream. I think the answer is not in the CONNECTION of the babies and lizards...although our common sense would want to see it that way - I think you need to separate out the 2 situations.

First having triplets. I looked it up and the 'dream interpreters' say: Triplet dreams mean you will have success when failure was feared. And baby dreams themselves have to do with creativity...both seen and unseen....

Second - the 'dream interpreters' have a lot to say about lizards:
Dream Lizards come to us with a message to be cautious in our dealings with others. Lizards also encourage us to remain grounded in tense situations. If the Lizard is running away from you in your dreams, this could mean that you are afraid of some issues in your life - back off, and re-evaluate the situation. If the Lizard bites you this is a message for you to put a hold on any plans you might be making. If your dream Lizard is in a tree, this is a good sign, and plans should be carried out.

Wow - who knew??? Hope this helps - it seems to now be as clear as mud to me. :)