Friday, August 22, 2008

Night Running

Last night, Steve wasn't expected to arrive until late. Knowing I wouldn't fall asleep because I'd just be woke up again, I decided to go for a headlamp run. Usually, I don't do this alone (at least not where I currently live) due to the critters out there, but I couldn't resist once the idea took hold. Recovery must be happening, because the last couple of days I've really wanted to RUN.

I started out just as the last colors of sunset were fading. It was just me, my footsteps and breathing. The temperature was cooler than it's been since June, and I needed running pants and a long sleeve shirt. The ground was covered in pine needles that weren't there a couple days ago. The smell was distinctly a glimpse of fall coming. Gradually, it got dark, until I couldn't see anything but the ground in front of me. I could hear the deer rustling in the trees along the way. Every once in awhile one would leap out of my way startling my heart rate into mania. I could see the faint lights coming from cabin windows in the distance, but it was most peaceful knowing I was out there by myself.


Danni said...


xt4 said...

That sounds really, really awesome.

Also, don't tell your mother.

Iris said...

Danni - If I only had to run the night portion of a 100 miler, I'd be in.

Chris - You are soooo right.