Friday, August 15, 2008

Elkhorn Pictures

Leanne and Carsten at the start.
Around mile 3-4? Leanne is waiting for me to take off a layer.

Around mile 12-13? Considering I'd been nauseous for the past
5 miles, I don't look so bad! Leanne and Carsten on the way back down to Teepee Creek. The
wildflowers were beautiful and smelled so good. The picture just
doesn't capture it.

A look back across to where we'd traveled earlier.

Starting another climb. This is the steep section where Steve, race director, strongly suggested everyone "assess their condition" before starting up.

Another short break on the way up.

Contemplating a nap on the way to Casey Meadows.

The reason for our sore feet. Very rocky.

We finished!

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