Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shredding and other news


The above message from Buddy translates to "Please stop typing and pet me."

The past two weeks I've stuck well to my training plan. Four runs per week averaging 3-5 miles and a long run of 10 miles each Saturday. Eliminating all walking except when taking a gel. Even Buddy has gotten serious, only stopping when absolutely necessary. In addition, I started this crazy thing.
Ouch. The workouts are only 20 minutes combining cardio, strength and abs, but ouch. I've done it twice after 30 minute runs. It's kind of fun, but not sure if my knee (old meniscus tear) will hold up. It's hard for me to differentiate between good pain and bad. We'll see how it goes.

February running in Montana has been a beautiful pain in the rear. It snows then melts, then turns to ice, then clears in places, but not others. My two year old pair of YakTrax are now shredded due to intermittent dry spots on the pavement.

I bought a new pair which came with the added bonus of hand warmers (love them for skiing and cold weather camping). Two weeks later, I'm searching for a pair of plyers to repair the new ones that have also fallen apart. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE YakTrax. Our winter weather just hasn't supported the proper use of them well.
Anyone have the Kahtoola microspikes? Do they hold up any better?

I've got races picked out. More on that soon.


Marisa said...

ooh, i like the new winter pick...i've been debating that shred video, i've got some serious toning/ strengthening to do and i'm to lazy to do it on my own...would you recommend?

Iris said...

I've only done the shred twice. I hurt for a week. Mostly my knees and butt. It's pretty easy (as in to put in the DVD and make yourself exercise) and only 20 minutes long, but includes cardio, strength and abs. You need light hand weights too.

Martin said...

The photo of busted Yak Trax looks familiar. I think the gravel they put on the roads is perfect for getting caught in the Yak Trax between the rubber frame and the spring-like coil that gives the traction. It’s a great system for wearing thru the rubber very quickly and transforming the Yak Trax into worthless trash. I’ve switched to the Kahtoola Microspikes. They are way more durable and give better traction in all conditions.

Although it’s really amazing how little ice we’ve had this year. I’ve done a bit more trail running than other winters. I’ve had a pair of Inov-8 “O” (for orienteering) shoes for a couple years, and never worn them much, but I’ve taken them out a few times here recently. They’re probably the best all around system for running on a few inches of loose snow with the occasional layer of ice underneath. They have a very aggressively lugged outsole with some embedded metal spikes in some of the lugs. I don’t think Inov-8 markets them anymore.

Ran an interesting loop yesterday starting at the Dump Gulch (McKelvey) trail head, up Grizzly Gulch for a mile on the road, then Show-Me-the-Horse up to the ridge, back toward Mt Helena and turn down Dump Gulch to finish. About 5 miles (and 1000 ft of ascent). The toughest part was getting up close to the ridge and losing the trail in snow. The trail had been walked on for the part up thru the trees, but when it opened up, the elk had trampled everything and I kinda lost the trail. The hills were all socked in foggy, so it was a little disorienting, although I knew I could just continue up hill to hit the ridge trail. I finally topped out with only a few minutes of post-holing. Once on the ridge, I was able to pick up the pace and up another notch when I hit the Dump Gulch down hill. Fun run. Highly recommended, especially if you could pack down the trail up to the ridge to make it easier for me next time. ;^)

Iris said...

Martin, your run sounds like a blast! I usually come down Show Me the Horse. I haven't been up to the ridge in winter, but sounds like I'm going to have to check it out. Especially since you've now paved the way. :)