Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slog - To walk or plod heavily.

Slogging is a great description for the challenging 10 miler completed yesterday. We received several inches of powdery new snow, making the roads and sidewalks a mess. Steve was working, so I first had to shovel the driveway and sidewalks before our nemeses decided to go on their daily walk (an older couple who likes to report things to the city such as overhanging tree branches, cracks in sidewalks, snow or ice, etc. that result in letters from the city threatening substantial fines to homeowners in the neighborhood). After my cross training, Buddy and I set out to complete the first 5 mile loop. We had to run in the streets because the snow was too deep everywhere else. As always, my Yak Trax worked great. Buddy kept up well and made surprisingly few stops along the way. It took us 55 minutes to complete the first lap because of traction issues. This did not include the detour to the Folf Course so Bud could scope out the latest deer tracks.
I returned to the house to drop Bud off (because of an old hip injury, he can't go further than 5 miles without a lot of pain), grab my Heed and Gu, and take off for the second 5 mile loop. My thought was that I'd be faster without dog and leash, but my body was a bit fatigued from the earlier cross training. By mile 9, I was truly slogging. I continued to run as my plan is to try and phase out all the walking I've been doing, but I think I might have been able to walk faster. It was a beautiful day though, with the snow continuing to fall.
As I walked up the street to cool down, I could hear frantic barking coming from my house. With dread, I opened the door to find this...
Apparently, Buddy was a bit confused and distraught as to why I left in running clothes and shoes without him. Somehow he got the closet door open, searched through various items and found his leash. Maybe he thought that if he could get to his leash, he'd be able to go out and find me? Unfortunately, in his efforts, he chewed through the leash, which meant yet another trip to Petco to buy a new one. Seriously, we should just buy in bulk.

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Anonymous said...

Buddy is a smart puppy.