Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stabilicer Sports

The second pair of Yak Trax are shot. The wires broke and then cut the rubber to pieces. This time, I went for the more expensive Stabilicer Sport Cleats. Putting them on was a bit of a challenge, but once in place, they weren't going anywhere. I didn't use the velcro they came with, primarily because each strip was as long as my leg, and I couldn't figure out what to do with all of it.

The cleats are replaceable. Although, after today, I can tell you it would take a lot to wear these down. It's just nice to know I don't have to go out and buy another pair if a cleat falls apart.

I found the perfect long hill covered in ice to try them out. We've had a freezing fog advisory, and all that was sloppy yesterday, was now a frozen pond.

Buddy and I covered 4.5 miles of ice without a single slip. We ran into an abyss of fog. The traction from the Stabilicers was really amazing.

So, the pros:

1) GREAT traction on ice. We detoured to a couple of snow packed trails just to try them out. Good traction there too.

2) Pretty simple to use once you figure out how to put them on.

3) They stay on really well without any binding. If I were to use them for hiking in snow, I'd probably try the velcro too.

4) Durable. Not much is going to damage these babies.

The cons:

1) Definitely heavier than Yak Trax. Also, a bit more rigid underfoot.

2) Hated them on pavement. Even though they seem more stable on pavement than Yak Trax (kind of like running on a platform), they were incredibly LOUD. Clacking along in an otherwise quiet world of snow was not appealing. I purposefully moved onto ice just to stop the noise.

3) More expensive but worth it for the durability.

Truth - I think I may just be ready for spring. Way to early, I know.


T.C. said...

Thanks for the wonderful critique. Love the pics too. :)

I blog about running in the mid-Atlantic at We're coastal so I love seeing your mountains!

Jo Lynn said...

I'm SO, SO, SOOOO happy I don't have to wear those. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in. But, I am. ;)

The movie was very good, quite sad. But, we knew that going in. it's actually one of his books I didn't read before seeing the movie.