Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue Skies and Sunshine!

After weeks of inversions and on/off snow showers the last couple of days, the sun greeted us brightly and warmly for a morning snowshoeing adventure.

It was cold when we started, only 5 degrees. We felt it in our fingers and toes, and then our hydration hoses froze up. We spent some time rearranging layers to generate some warmth to melt the ice. It didn't phase us though - too happy about the sunshine!

Not sure how far we went as I left the Garmin in the car on accident. Such an amazingly beautiful trail - Linda and I couldn't help thinking about summer and getting some long runs on the same trail.
We also saw Martin and Janice enjoying the sun and snow. And of course, posed for several pictures along the way.

The final leg of our trip opened up to a bright and snow covered view. We got to make fresh tracks in the new snowfall. Some areas were really deep and it was tough going, but we were happy to have such a fun workout.

Amazing blue sky

Thanks for a great morning girls!

Once again, I had rented the snowshoes, this time from Capital Sports because Base Camp was out. I actually got a much better fitting pair - a Tubbs brand. I've got to do some research, because snowshoes are next in line on my wish list!


T.C. said...

Amazing pictures Iris! Absolutely beautiful!

Martin said...

Hey, Iris,

It was good to see you out there, too. You did a good job of packing down the trail for a ways. Once I was past that, the snow was deep and unconsolidated; an indication of how little warm weather we've had this winter.

One complaint: That post-holing-while-wearing-snowshoes is hard work. You should have gone further, in order to 'groom' more of the trail. It really is all about me, ya know?!?

I did manage to make it to my usual turn around point. The round trip was 2.5 hrs. Beautiful day!

Iris said...

Hi Martin! I couldn't believe how deep the snow was up there. It was great and the sunshine was much needed. We would have gone further but one of our group members had done her first 7 mile run the day before and wasn't sure she'd make it back up. She was a trooper for sure! We'll be sure to think of you first next time. :)

Buddy and I ended up going back out and hiking up McKelvey Trail. It was just too beautiful out to be inside. Are you running SnowJoke?

Martin said...

No Snow Joke for me this year. We're headed out of town to go skiing with friends.

Snow Joke is fun. I've run it a bunch of times over the years. It's amazing how much it's grown!

We'll all look forward to your race report. Are you and Buddy running it together?

Iris said...

Unfortunately, Buddy can't go that far. He has some problems with his hip so 5-6 miles is his max. Rebecca is going to try it with Eby though! Should be interesting...
Have fun skiing!