Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Pictures

Here's a few Buddy pictures...

Steve and Buddy on the new connector trail near our house. Montana Conservation Corps knocked this one out in less than a week. From the end, it's only about a quarter mile from our new favorite "secret" trail.
Steve and Buddy with the new super vacuum. We were in disbelief seeing how much dog hair was really on our floors. Thanks for the tip Mom and Cassi!

The view from our evening walk.
Buddy and Eby tearing down the trail together.

Rebecca and Buddy taking a breather.
The Eby tongue. She's is truly adorable and always happy it seems.
More pictures later!

1 comment:

Jo Lynn said...

Great pictures. I just love pictures. Especially when they have trails, and doggies. ;)

Thanks for sharing them.