Friday, July 10, 2009

Our summer

The summer is in full swing - organizing a therapeutic summer program (a.k.a. trying to get teenagers out of bed for a few hours), preparing to testify in court for what I affectionately call the case from hell, settling into a new house with small updates along the way, managing a full work schedule combined with dog runs, dog walks, dog crate breaks, dog entertainment, etc.

Buddy and I are managing - well he's managing, I'm tired - a 40 minute run every morning, plus at least two 30 minute walks each day. They are good walks; no strolling for this family. Melissa, you'd be yelling at us! It's too bad I'm not training for anything, because my Garmin says I'm getting faster. Steve's recognized the days when I can't move, and has been gracious enough to take the early poop shift. Sleep, so nice.

Last weekend, we took Buddy up to Belt Creek for some fly fishing. This is one of my favorite places. It's usually cool on hot days, beautiful, but mostly just because it's one of the few places that has belonged to me and Steve together during our time in Montana. At first, Buddy wasn't sure what to think of this very loud, moving water, but he ventured out. He also waited patiently for me while I caught (yes, and released) a couple cutthroat.

He enjoyed walking in the cool water, at least until his hind legs slipped into a deep hole. He was OK but seemed a bit miffed. So, he decided to go sniff some pretty flowers instead. He crashed during the car ride home. With good reason. After all, the day had started a bit traumatically, at least for Iris. It seems he had a few too many liver treats during training, which led to some bathroom issues, which then led to some particularly nasty happenings once he got in the car. After getting less than a mile from home, we quickly had to head back, where a hose, soapy water, and towel resolved the stinky part. If I had only known, way back in Atlanta where I met Gus, that I'd be one day washing a dog's butt... Thank you Faith for breaking me in gently!

We've also finally managed to find a toy that makes Buddy want to play! The Flying Squirrel lasted a couple days, the frisbee once in awhile, but this ugly, crazy, fuzzy bird won his heart immediately. He now fetches, tugs, shakes, and tries to bury, probably kill, the darn thing. We're so proud and happy. :) Rebecca also introduced us to a wonderful new trail. A quiet place without people, where Buddy can run free even if only for a short period of time. He secretly hopes for a chance encounter with a deer, but usually settles for whatever time outside he can get.

And he almost always comes when he's called, even today when the deer were taunting him. He's torn, but loyalty to Iris wins out. Which, of course, makes me love him even more.
The one thing I don't have a picture of, is when he curls up with Steve on the couch. He's happiest when he's with his pack, and so are we. Just how sappy is that?

I promise that one day this blog will return to running. With the stack of injuries I've had this year, the running is anything but consistent. At least it's fun to have a diversion for a bit!


Danni said...

Hey Iris we want to know about your life, not just running! Hey, I am thinking about Elkhorn and coming up for a couple days beforehand. Is that the weekend you're here? If so I will skip it but otherwise I might work out of our Helena office.

Jo Lynn said...

Oh my goodness - the picture on your header is GORGEOUS! And you like to tire out a doggie. We'll get along just great! Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again. ;)