Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Fun

This week, I'm playing nanny for my 17 month old niece (pictures to come when I get home). I have a much deeper appreciation for moms all over the world. D is on the move constantly. She's also very smart, and wanting to learn everything at once. For example, she was a bit freaked out by sun reflections until we showed her how the sun hits my watch to make the reflections. Now, she likes to find the sun, the watch, and will move it around to create the reflections. She's learning to say my name - "Iri." We've made trips to the library, grocery store, Wal-Mart, and hoping the wind dies down enough to go for a walk. Add in a basset hound and a lab and you've got CHAOS. But, fun chaos. Now, if someone could only teach me an easy way to work the dang car seat. 

Jack, the lab, has definitely helped me work the ankle. We go on 2-3 walks a day. There's a nice dirt walking path that we tried to run yesterday. I was slow, but managed 1.6 miles. There is no pain while running, but my achilles tendon is very sore afterwards. I still can't run uphill and not sure what's going on there. Hopefully, the doc can help me figure out the rest as we go.

Last, I finally know what a deer tick looks like. Absolutely gross and not something I wanted to learn more about. Welcome to Wisconsin!

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