Saturday, April 25, 2009

Play Day!

Not much of a blogger these days. Way too much going on. After Wisconsin, I spent the weekend in Kalispell catching up with old friends. I did get in some running time, and there are photos somewhere...

Today, I ventured out for a long hike/run in hope of warm weather. Before my January injury, I had bought a new 70 oz. Camelbak bladder to replace the Nathan bladders that ALWAYS leaked. I just followed the 12k course of Don't Fence Me In for about 6 miles. My ankle did hurt today, and I'm wondering if it isn't my shoes. Although the Cascadia's feel like slippers, they might not have enough stability for me. It was a perfect trail running day, cool with little wind, and very few people.

On the way up to Rodney Ridge

Trying to run up (not sure which trail)

Lone biker speeding away from me

Finally, running again! Notice no leaking from the pack.

On the way to Waterline Trail

SpringtimeWish I'd had the camera ready. That's a kid on a skateboard being chased by a car.

Contemplating which way to go on Waterline

Rest break on Rodney Ridge

Davis Gulch road with DeFord Trail running alongside it

End of Rodney Ridge - legs were tired and it was rocky, so I slowed down. Didn't want to roll the ankle yet again.

Congrats Danni on finishing Diablo 50!

Be sure to sign up for Prickly Pear Don't Fence Me In on May 9th. There's 30k, 12k, 5k run, 5k dog walk options. Or, make a donation to support our local trail system!

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Danni said...

Wow it is quite melted there! Glad you're able to get out there finally!