Sunday, April 12, 2009

I miss her so much!

I am thankful for this week with my niece...

Reading to ElmoSinging the ABC's
Reading the paper

I want the bright red crab sandbox!

Jack, my running partner for the week
The weather in Wisconsin cooperated a couple days - meaning no ferocious wind and lots of sunshine. Wearing Jack out so he would sleep through the night (and not wake D) was a great motivator. I ran 4 out of the 7 days. The crawling around on the floor with D must have stretched out the ligaments, because I was able to run 4 miles on a mix of pavement and trail the last day of my visit without any pain.
My heart is breaking a little though. Despite the lack of sleep, I enjoyed every moment with this little being. She is funny, smart, sweet and fun. I hope I can see her again very soon!


Danni said...

Hmmm. Maybe you should have one of your own ;) :p

Leanne said...

She is so precious, Iris! Glad you had such a nice visit with your family. Funny that you were going through similar leash/entanglement issues with your jogging buddies. Nice work on the happy for you that the ankle is letting you get out there!

xt4 said...

I have no idea why my Bloglines takes a month to catch up with your blog, but I only just now saw this. Awesome pictures, so glad you had a good time, your running partner looks awesome and whoever the little girl is, she's pretty awesome too.