Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Big Moment

I RAN TODAY! Well, it was more like a shuffle at a 13 minute per mile pace on the treadmill. I didn't plan to do it. In fact, it was scary thinking about even trying in case it still hurt and I'd feel discouraged. The surgeon said I would just know when the time was right to try and I guess I did. It felt a little sneaky, like I was cheating or something. BUT - it happened and it felt dang good. Other than my achilles feeling a bit tight, there was ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. (That's for my mom). For the other worrywarts out there, do not reprimand. The actual running time was probably 8-10 minutes out of 30 because I did intervals; power walking at an incline the rest of the time. I finished up with 25 minutes on the elliptical and some weight training. My plan is to build up very slowly, going back to that first walk/run plan that got me started oh so long ago. Happy, happy me!

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TooeleTwins said...

That is very good news! Slow is a good plan. Good luck!