Monday, March 9, 2009

Ups and Downs

After my workout on Saturday, my ankle felt pretty good. Unfortunately, the following day it swelled up with some pain. Once again, I'm backing off, just focusing on upper body stuff for a couple days. I suspect that some pain and swelling might be part of rehab, but I want an expert to tell me that before I push it further. My next appointment with the ortho surgeon is on Wednesday, and I'm hoping for the "all clear."

For the gym goers out there, please tell me how to use the elliptical. I gave it a whirl, but was completely out of control. In fact, I almost fell off. It was crazy and my ankle is in no shape for that kind of mess. Not sure what I expected - to mimic a running motion maybe? Definitely not right, whatever I was doing. Probably a danger to others too!

As for the green smoothie kick. I've had lots of inquiries and comments about it, so this is to clarify a few things.

1) I'm not using the green smoothie to subsitute for meals. I still try to EAT my servings of fruit and vegetables.
2) Green smoothies are an easy way to add a little extra healthy stuff to a regular diet.
3) Yes, you can make just plain fruit smoothies, but they are not "green smoothies." The purpose is to add more fresh greens to your diet, especially for people who don't like to eat their spinach.
4) I do not taste the spinach or other greens, and I put in at least two big handfuls each time I make them.
5) For those who asked about the effect on "regularity," your body adjusts over time. Some people have experienced gas, constipation or loose stools as their body adjusts. Most people who eat plenty of vegetables anyway don't seem to notice much of a difference.
6) The trick is to blend everything really well. When you think it's blended, blend some more!
7) I've noticed a decrease in my desire for sweets because of the natural sugars in the fruit. Plus, they just taste darn good.

Drink up!


Danni said...

Poor ankle :( I think your smoothie fetish is cute!

Tia said...

Hey! I am so excited you are running wild with the blender! (And soon you can literally run again!) I just counted that 8 people have started drinking the smoothies with me and more are signing up almost each day. It's awesome. And I really try not to be the obnoxious "smoothie lady", people just see me with the bottle and ask... Happy Blending!