Saturday, March 7, 2009

The BIG Moment

Steve took me to the YMCA for my first "workout" in over five weeks. The only way to describe how I felt is absolute happiness. There wasn't much to it. Twenty minutes on the stationary bike for a total of three miles. Steve also showed me how to use the Cybex system for strength training. I was able to do the entire circuit except for one exercise that put too much pressure on my ankles. SO MUCH FUN!

Steve not wanting his picture taken.

On the way to buff!

As for the green smoothie update. I'm on day seven, and still loving them. The trick is to blend everything really well. I've tried every kind of fruit, but love banana, kiwi, strawberry, and apple the best. I've also tried various greens, but still prefer a couple handfuls of baby spinach. Since I tend to drink them in the morning, I also add a cup of plain yogurt (not the fat free or low fat kind - I'm talking the real stuff) for some protein and because I like the tart taste.
For those of you still dubious, try Steve's way. He likes bananas, kiwi and strawberries with lots of ice and a shot of orange juice. He's not yet keen on the color so use the greens sparingly at first. Even without the greens, you are still getting fruit servings!


Danni said...

Yay!!! Who knew the gym could be so awesome! :-) I am intrigued by the shakes but can easily eat all that fruit and veg whole so I think I'd rather do it that way.

Iris said...

Yeah, I still eat a lot of the fruit and veggies too, but I like the fact that I can get in quite a bit before I even start work. For Steve though, it's way more than he would ever eat.