Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Update

X-rays were taken. No bones are broken. We thought it was just a sprain. Unfortunately, once the massive swelling subsided, it was clear that I probably tore part of the ligament from the bone. I am now wearing a very sexy black brace and trying to fit the maneuvering of crutches into my daily routine. The students at my school are calling me hopalong. The adults are taking bets on how long before I chuck them. My husband is threatening the dreaded "boot" that I had to wear during my fractured sesamoid ordeal. My clue that this was not an ordinary sprain was the shooting pain along with one very disgusting looking spot above my ankle bone. I keep it wrapped because it kind of freaks me out to think about it.

Of course, I am faced with no running for awhile. Combine no running with the just purchased La Sportiva Fireblades and Athleta Capris staring me in the face. Add to that my phobia of going to a gym to cross train. Plus, my husband is out of town and working really crazy shifts this week. So, what's a girl to do?

1) Join facebook. A great time waster and a very scary glimpse into the past.
2) Put on the shoes and capris and limp around the house pretending to go for a run.
3) Convince husband to take a road trip this weekend to buy a piece of cross training equipment.
4) Work even longer hours than usual to avoid sadness when greeted by sunshine.
5) Remind self of what life could be like without legs to run, arms to carry, etc.

I'm going to be positive about this whole experience. But, I beg of you all. Please update your blogs frequently so I can at least be entertained by your running stories!


Danni said...

Um, it's not capri weather sister.

Iris said...

They were 50% off! And, don't forget, we get the chinook winds here. One day -10, the next 50. :)

Martin said...
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