Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - Happy New Year!

Rebecca kindly sent out an invitation to the running club to join us for the first run of 2009. We were surprised that people did show - maybe a jump start to their resolutions? A couple people chose a four mile loop, but the rest of us continued on. It was only about 20 degrees, but after the cold temperatures this month, we all felt happy for the "balmy" weather.

The picture below is of Alan and Larry running a trail next to some local ice fishermen (women?). In North Dakota, ice fishermen have little houses to protect them from the elements. Here, people just seem to sit on the ice and fish without any shelter from wind or snow.
The group started at Crossroads fitness center, introduced me to yet another great trail that's actually FLAT, and looped around to the Centennial Trail. Here is Rebecca and Alan on the Centennial portion. The trail was a bit rough to navigate due to a whole lot of crusty, frozen, icy footprints under the new snow, but the snow was just starting to fall with no wind. Perfect!

Once everyone arrived back to Crossroads, I continued on, repeating part of the Le Grande Cannon trail. It's a great winter running route and particularly beautiful with big giant snowflakes falling. The next picture is of a cool little bridge nestled along the way. Then, one of me posing on the trail, followed by the view. A little plug for Target; I wore the C9 running pants over my tights today for a little warmth. Very comfortable and even long enough for me. Marisa, you should check them out!

I added on some miles by running out part of Grizzly Gulch. By this time, fatigue was setting in. The bonk happened because I had only brought a couple of gels and took them too late in the run. I wasn't drinking nearly enough either considering my already dehydrated state. My pace dropped to a shuffle for the return to my car. Oh well, I ended up with a incredibly fun 16 mile run!