Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Favorites

There were so many great running moments in 2008, it's hard to pick favorites. I've narrowed the list to the following. Thanks to the Kalispell and Helena runners for sharing these adventures!

1) Girls Only Trek from Herron Park to Blacktail - This was truly a great feat as there is no specific trail. We got semi-lost several times, climbed over what seemed like a million trees, post holed through major snow, ran out of water and food, but we prevailed!

2) Running with Buddy (who died early this year) on the snow packed trails surrounding the cabin. He wasn't my dog, but a super companion for a short time.

3) Don't Fence Me In - All I can say is what an awesome trail race! I had so much fun on that course.

4) Pig Farm run with Danni, gun shots and the dead refrigerator.

5) Blacktail mountain lion sighting with Leanne. Not sure who was more surprised, the mountain lion or us!

6) Pig Farm night run

7) Watching Callie and Danni slide down snow hills on their running shorts clad butts during our Strawberry Lake 4th of July run

8) Elkhorn

9) Wintery Grizzly Gulch long run with Rebecca

10) Surviving the even more wintery -10 degree run with Martin

I debated adding our trek to Glacier for our midnight full moon run to Logan Pass. BUT, the road was closed when we got there, we had to run on graded pavement, and it was just too scary trying to stay awake for the drive back home at 4:00 am. Still, thanks to those of you who made the adventure with me.

So, what were your favorite moments? See you in the New Year!


Danni said...

Aaaah the memories! Let's kick 2009 off with some fata$$ fun!

Leanne said...

Busy year! When you lay it out like that, it's amazing to think of all that was accomplished. Good for you, lady! And I'm so happy that I got to take part in some of those fantastic me-mo-ries!