Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I hadn't run in three days because the temperatures have stayed below zero. With free gym pass in hand, I drove to the local YMCA, willing myself to hit the treadmill. And I SAT IN THE CAR. Staring at all the people packed into the cardio machine area. I just couldn't do it. There's something about working out in close proximity to people I don't know. In addition to the just plain hate running indoors feeling. So, regardless of the asthma issues that won't give up, I engaged in self-talk that went something like this.

"You grew up in North Dakota for crying out loud. You survived walking through mountains of snow in -50 wind chill to go to school. Dad used to bundle you up to run around the house in the middle of dark winter just to get the germs off. It's above zero. Stop being a wimp, and get your butt outside and run."

And so I did. 3.2 miles. Enough to freeze my face while the rest of me was sweltering. Enough to cause my Ipod (tucked nicely in my pocket) to suddenly stop because the battery froze. And it was so nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Just what I needed to cope with the insanity of being in the mental health field during the holiday season.

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