Monday, November 24, 2008

Unbeknown to me, my lungs have been engaged in an internal war for several weeks. An asthma flare-up was creeping up on me and I ignored all of the symptoms. In fact, I remember Danni asking me (a long time ago - end of summer) if I was sure my asthma was under control. I was tired, not sleeping well, suffering the dry cough syndrome, struggling to run even a slow pace. Just stress, I said.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. This past week, I paid the consequences. Major asthma problems and a lung infection resulting in physician admonishment, albuteral shakes and lots of the not so fun drugs called steroids. The lesson here is that stress definitely take its toll on the body, but is not always the sole responsible party. The second lesson is that I'm not always so good at taking care of myself.

Sooo, the plan, and we all know how plans/resolutions/goals tend to dissolve once one feels healthy again.

1) Drink more water.
2) Get more sleep.
3) Set limits at work.
4) Take time to eat. Might help if I follow #3.
5) Take time to run, walk, something every day. Also helped by following #3.
6) Make sure to refill my Singulair prescription ON TIME. Definitely helped by following #3.

There it is - doesn't sound too hard, right? We'll see...

On to the fun stuff! A couple weekends ago, Steve and I took in the Banff Film Festival in Great Falls. The place was packed. I always find this amusing. Great Falls is not the outdoor mecca like Kalispell and Helena, but it seems to draw a bigger, very enthusiastic, crowd for the festival. Maybe it's because there's just nothing else to do or an excuse to escape the never ending wind? I have to admit we were spoiled living in DC, where the National Geographic Live Center showed FIVE nights of film. Maybe we'll need to travel to all five showings throughout Montana? It was fun. We stayed overnight so Steve could help out with a Paramedic Refresher, and I braved the wind for a 5 mile run (also pre-curser to the crud).

Add to that a little shopping, where Steve found me a North Face Primaloft Winter Jacket on sale cheap. It's like a down sleeping bag - I never want to take it off! He also got me this to solve my "on-call while running" issue. We saw the new Bond movie, with enough action to keep even me alert, and ate way too much good food.

The next afternoon, Rebecca took me out hiking on some new trails. It was fun doing something other than running, we had a lot of time to chat, and a good workout with all of the hills. Fun times. Pictures are of Rebecca on the trail.

My last thought goes out to my parents. Thank you for all of the long conversations the last couple weeks. This is gooey and sentimental, but discussions with you both are at the top of my always favorite list.
Happy Turkey Day!

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