Saturday, November 8, 2008


Just watched "Run for Your Life," the story of Fred Lebow and the New York City Marathon. Interesting movie. Even Steve, the non-runner, was intrigued.

Bought and love the Pearl Izumi Alpine Pant. I'm not a fan of traditional running tights, and wanted something warm for the cold, windy days. Wind and rain resistant, fleece lined, with vented knee panels. A big thanks to Melinda at Big Sky Cyclery for finding them for me. This is probably not a purchase for those of you who run in shorts at 40 degrees. You'll be sweltering. If you are like me, cold most of the time, you'll find them cozy enough to sleep in.

Congratulations to Deb and Rebecca for finishing the New York City Marathon last week!

Great having a visit from Danni this week. She was sweet and took me to dinner at On Broadway. Good food, relaxing place, and so fun to catch up. Thanks Danni!

Friday night, I checked out Sommeliers with a couple fellow therapists from work. First wine bar I've been to in awhile, and fun to get to know co-workers better.

As for my own running, this week was not so consistent due to work and socializing. I managed a couple fairly fast 3 milers and this morning's solo 14 miler on muddy roads. Perfect weather for me. 45 degrees, overcast and misty. Despite the gradual uphill for the first 7 miles, I felt ok. I didn't push the pace, kept my heart rate low, and just enjoyed the quiet solitude.

Grizzly Gulch

Lime kilns along the way

Of course, this week was hugely important as far as elections are concerned. But, I've decided that this is not the place to reflect. I can say, however, that my thoughts were with one particular family in Anacostia who I worked with a few years ago, and the many conversations we had learning about each other and celebrating diversity. I would have liked to have seen them this week.

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Danni said...

Woohoo those lime kilns remind me of the Fat Ass -- I took those same pictures last year.