Saturday, November 1, 2008

A "me" day

It's Saturday, and I should have been doing paperwork. Instead, I played hooky. I got up early, made Steve breakfast before sending him off to work, hopped in the car and drove to Bozeman to exchange a pair of running shoes. It was a beautiful day for driving, exploring, and with a new pair of shoes, running! I've been looking at the the Brooks Adrenaline ASR's primarily for winter road use, but also trails when weather allows for it. I finally made the purchase and took them out for a combination road/trail 12 miler, my longest run since Elkhorn.

The Shoe Review:
My favorite trail shoe is the Cascadia, and I went into this run knowing the experience would be different. The Adrenaline has a higher platform and more stability. It's also a lot less flexible (responsive?) than the Cascadia. But, it felt cushioned enough for both the road and the trail, and stood up well even for the rocky sections. It seemed to have enough traction, but I'm curious to see how it does in wet and/or muddy conditions. The shoe does seem a bit more narrow, even at the heel, so I don't think I would have needed to do any special lacing. I was worried that my big toe issue (the dance bunion thingy) would be a problem, but nothing was aggravated. No blisters, no callous pain flare-up. The Cascadias are still my favorite trail shoe, but this one works as well. How's that for loyalty to Brooks?

The Run:
I'm trying to use the heart rate monitor. My heart rate is usually out of control running up trails (like in the 180's). Based on my MHR and RHR, I should be doing recovery runs at about 150 AHR. So, I tried to keep it under 160 today. I did fairly well, except for the occasional big hill, but I was sooo slow. For 12 miles, with only 2,000 feet elevation gain, I averaged a 12:30/mile pace. I want to get faster!!!!! I know, patience, patience, patience.

Here are some pictures from the run. The views were spectacular, the sun was warm, my Nathan pack weightless, and I got to run in shorts and t-shirt the first day of NOVEMBER!
Hazy, sunny day

Diretissema Trail

Rocky mess above the trail

Dump Out Trail

More of Dump Out Trail - for me, the "Always Seem Lost" Trail

View from Dump Out

End of the trail portion for me - wish you were here?

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