Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Uncommon Feet

I finally saw an orthopedic foot specialist this week. Some of the information was not surprising due to my lengthy internet research. After lots of x-rays, gait analyis, and discussion, it turns out I've got "skewed, uncommon feet." I have high arches, along with pronation issues due to my abnormal "turn-out" from ballet. Both of these together create a beautiful picture for a dancer, but they don't do a runner much good. Because of this, I end up putting a lot of pressure on the outside metatarsals and heel. My usual choice of stability shoes have increased this pressure, hence the problems. I'm just lucky I haven't developed stress fractures yet. I was given some exercises and a list of shoes more fitting of my foot/gait type. Lucky for me, the Brooks Cascadias were at the top of the list, since I just bought them. My final thought - although my years of ballet/dance were incredible and I miss it dearly, it sure has become obvious the toll it takes on the body. Sigh...

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