Monday, April 28, 2008

5 1/2 Lone Pines

On Saturday, Danni was running Lone Pines, an approximate 3.3 miles of climbing and descent each trip. She started at 5:30 am for a total of 30 miles. I joined her at 8:00 for the last 18 miles. Although I initially thought the same route again and again would get boring, it was a great workout. It was obvious I need more work on power hiking the steep sections as my shins started to cramp the last trip up, exactly what happened during Swan Crest last September. I probably could have used more water and calories. My goal is to start getting in a long run each weekend to practice fueling.

The best news? I LOVE the new Brooks Cascadias! I've been obsessed with finding a good trail shoe that fits my ballet/toe shoe deformed feet. 18 miles with lots of up and downhill portions and not a single hot spot. The irritating heel bursitis that usually sneaks up on me never appeared once. I felt one twinge of pain on my right foot which quickly disappeared. Absolutely no foot pain the next day.
Sunday, Steve and I explored Herron Park and the Foys to Blacktail trails. For all you mountain bikers, get out there - the singletrack is dry except for a few patches. For those who want to support the Foys to Blacktail Trail development, check out the Herron Hustle , a 5.5 mile trail race scheduled for June 21st. The above mentioned Danni (see her picture below running the 3rd of 9 Lone Pines) is the race director, and it should be a great time for all fitness levels!

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