Sunday, April 6, 2008

De-germing the fun way

This weekend, Danni planned a 30 mile training run for Western States. She's been doing several of these back to back training weekends (20-30 miles on Saturday with a shorter run on Sunday). After she described getting used to being out there "all the live long day," I decided to join in the fun to keep her company and break up the day a little bit. I had to work in the morning, so by the time I met up with Danni at noon, she'd already completed 11 miles. I really wasn't sure what I could do after enduring the worst case of strep throat I've ever experienced earlier in the week. But, as my dad used to tell me and my sister after any bout of sickness, "Bundle up, get outside and get the stink off you!" So I did.

Danni and I explored a messy network of trails not far from town. Messy as in a complete maze and covered in ice, snow (the jagged frozen kind where you fall through and cut yourself), and unexpected large puddles of water. I'd heard people describe trails out in this area that can take you all the way to a lake. I think these are tall tales, because we kept coming back to the same area time after time. We finally got on what seemed to be a logging road and were cruising along when a) we came across an old refrigerator used for target practice and b) gun shots. I'm now thinking they were from a small rifle or even a BB gun, but the sound was quite fierce when close by and in rapid succession. We quickly back tracked to the parking area. I'm not sure how I would have explained missing work due to a gunshot wound - especially after practically contaminating the place last week with strep.

I ended up doing 12-13 miles. It took us awhile because of the trail conditions, and because we were busy exploring, deciding on routes, and taking pictures. It would have been fun to finish it out, but I didn't want to get my immune system crazed again. Here are some pictures from the day. Check out Danni's blog if you want to see the dead refrigerator.

Overlooking where we'd previously run

Danni discovering how to eat Spaghettio's with a can opener

Still smiling after a few hours running

This is why it took us so long - learning to use the camera timer!


Danni said...

You're much better at describing stuff than I am!!!

Iris said...

Not true! By the way, I tried to google earth the area around Tally Lake. It looks like it wasn't too far from where we were. There's got to be a long trail in there somewhere! And, I've got an idea for the next trail adventure - whenever you are ready.

Leanne said...

You gals look so cute in your photos! And you look like you're having so much fun too. Glad you're feeling better, Iris. I like that theory..."shake the stink off." Well done to you and Danni on the adventure!