Thursday, April 24, 2008

Missoula Trip

One of the perks of my job is the occasional trip to Missoula or Helena. These are great places to explore, especially for someone seeking new trails. This week, most of my office spent three days in Missoula for the annual CAN conference. Other than attending the conference, my goals included 1) a trip to REI and Sports Authority and 2) find one new trail to run. To be clear - my office mates are NOT trail running people. So, it was a little tricky negotiating schedules and access to the car.

I briefly considered using the treadmill, until I kicked myself and repeated the learned mantra - "If I wait around for someone to join me, I may never get where I want to go." I hit the road at 6:30 am with directions to Rattlesnake Recreation Area. I stuck primarily to the main trail, but sidetracked for awhile on a trail to Spring Gulch. It was a little eerie (see picture below) - and beautiful - to be there early and completely alone in a new place. The weather was warm and sunny when I started, but turned to rain and snow on my return. After being with a large number of people in the car, at meals, at the conference, etc., it was good to have some quiet time to myself in a place I would love to explore more.
Thursday morning, I agreed to meet Gretchen, a co-worker and road runner training for the Governor's Cup, early for a 5 miler before the conference. We met a the hotel and sprinted for 35 minutes. At least that's how I felt. She kicked my butt. It was humbling to be left in the dust for part of the run. It was also a reminder that my body (and mind) is capable of much more than I usually think. I may need to get a heart rate monitor - just to get out of "lazy" mode every once in awhile.

My excitement for the week is that I'm getting a Garmin for my birthday courtesy of my parents and Steve. I've been looking at the 305 for some time, and tried it out in REI. While I love the features, I'm worried about my tiny wrist carrying it. The 405, to be released in May looks like it might be a bit smaller, but also much more expensive. For the Garmin fans, how's the fit? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Meghan said...

That's a funny story about sprinting for 35 minutes.

Ooh, I recognize that trail you were on in Missoula. I think I was on that trail this fall, when it was pouring rain awful out. Looks much better in your pictures!