Monday, February 11, 2008


The foot is a mess - more swollen today than yesterday, and hurts to walk on it. It's strange to me that I hurt it sometime during the run yesterday, and I have absolutely no idea how or when. Does that mean I was "in the zone," experiencing the "runner's high," or completely unaware of my own pain threshold? Bottom line, I may be in the cheer section for Snow Joke after all.

As for "Skinny Bitch," let's just say that it's not my kind of book. I'm all for the "tough love" approach when it's appropriate, and I completely support people who want to clean up their lifestyle, get a gym membership, go vegan, carry huge Nalgene's of water, etc. Whatever works. For me, the message of this book was lost in the writing style, language and general attitude. Just my opinion - it might be the kick in the butt someone else out there needs. One last statement - I'm OK with people not eating meat - I just don't like meat referred to as "crap." I happen to like it, even need it in moderation, so while I'm on the topic, do any of you MT folk know where I can purchase some good bison?

Danni, two posts this week, just for you!

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Leanne said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear about the foot, Iris! Hang in there...maybe it just needs some time and will be a-okay in time for Snow Joke.