Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Local news newsworthy?

Hammer Nutrition, a local company, is being sued by three athletes because of allegations that Endurolytes contained banned substances leading to positive doping results. You can read the story here. Any thoughts?

Because the days are getting longer, I've got a good hour of daylight to play outside if I leave work on time. As I left today, I called Steve to ask, "If I just feel a twinge of pain today, can I run?" His response, "Better wait another day." OK, but the seed was already planted in my brain - gotta run, gotta run. I called him from home, and said "I'm going for a walk," part of me really believing it, despite the fact that I had put on running clothes and yak trax. Now I understand the message in the book "Addictive Thinking." A person can truly think one thing, and completely do another. A quarter mile into my "walk," I started to run, and didn't stop until I'd done 3.2 miles. It felt good to work the muscles, although I have a little more swelling and pain than earlier. The last .6 mile uphill to my house, though, was awesome. Usually, I power hike it, but today, I actually was able to run most of it. The winter snow training has been good for me!

I'll be visiting the kids at my old job tomorrow night, watching them put on a talent show. It should be a good time. I hope your Valentine's Day is a good one!

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Danni said...

That sucks that your foot is bugging you!!! I hope it heals right up. Ugh.

Yeah, I tend to agree with you on the book. It's fluffy and written to sell books, which it did.

I hope Hammer wins.