Thursday, February 28, 2008


Thanks to everyone who took part in the "happiness in the workplace" discussion. You'll find some of the responses in the comments section (mom, scroll to the bottom of that entry's text and click on comments), but others chose to email their thoughts. Top responses regarding positive workplace include:

1) good supervisors
2) positive attitudes of co-workers
3) doing what you find inspiring
4) independence
5) administration trusting that you can do your job well (and doesn't try to do it for you)
6) administration giving credit where credit is due

Items that create negative workplace include:

1) cattiness/negativity among co-workers
2) poor management
3) poor ethics
4) micromanagement
5) favoritism
6) brown-nosers
7) finding little purpose in your work
8) only seeing dollar signs

The following is courtesy of my friend Candy...

From the Natural Health field there is a lot of correlation between health and happiness and doing what one's "calling" is, more of a vocation than a job. Are you familiar with Bach Flower Remedies? Edward Bach believed in the relationship between emotions and physical health, and felt the first step in good health is working in an area you love and have a sense of purpose. His writings are pretty short and straight forward, you may be interested in looking at them for your work. Have you read "How Starbucks Saved My Life?" It is a pretty quick read and gives a great perspective on work and happiness.

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