Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Trot 10k

Rebecca and I ran the Thanksgiving Day 10k put on by a local gym. There were over 500 of us that showed up due to the unusually nice weather. The challenge for me was to finish a 10k at all considering I haven't run regularly in over 10 months. No exaggeration, but since starting the calf raises three weeks ago, I've been able to start 3-4 milers a few times a week. I've done two longer slow runs of 5 and 6 miles. If I'd known that my fall in January would take that long to fix, I would have been seriously depressed.

Moving on...I did run the 10k and I finished. At the very back of the pack, with a very slow time for me of 58 minutes, but I did it! Without ANY pain in my ankle. The rest of me was hurting though, but my heart was happy.

Afterwards, Rebecca, Mike and Eby came over for a pot luck style Thanksgiving dinner. They brought the healthy stuff; Steve and I made the Norwegian style butter filled carbohydrate side dishes. Eby and Buddy played outside for a few hours which wore Bud out completely. It was a good day!

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Danni said...

Sounds really nice! Happy thanksgiving!