Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saving Money

The smell of coffee goes hand in hand with my memories of growing up in a school. My father was teacher, coach, principal and eventually superintendent. My mother was in charge of food services. We were in the building making posters for games, creating bulletin boards for classrooms, moving desks, cleaning test tubes, feeding the fish, etc. most of my childhood. Along with that was my dad and every other employee with coffee cup in hand. It seems appropriate now that I'm a public school employee that I've become hooked on "coffee." I put it in quotes because my preference is for lattes. Lucky for me, one of the teachers I work with recommended the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker (we got it for 26 bucks) to save some money. Find your preferred syrup and ground beans and you are good to go. CHEAP!

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Jo Lynn said...

I LOVE my coffee and look forward to it every single morning. ;)