Saturday, May 23, 2009

Danni style adventure!

The email I received this week said something like - "meet at 10, we'll go slow, 4-5 hours, plan to get lost." After the many expeditions of last summer, I've learned to pack well for things like this. Lots of water, lots of food, really good sunscreen, a camera and a go with the flow attitude. We did indeed get lost a few times and actually lost a member of our group (sorry M and thank you for leaving the message that you were alive!). I also saw some beautiful new trail, met a couple of new cheery people, and enjoyed the sunshine. A well spent day outside, but will be way better prepared next time. Like maybe having a map and compass?
The girls on one of the many climbs.
Bouldering...(not sure that's really a word)

More debris covered trail - sound familiar?

Hmmm...Are we lost? And, where is Martin?

Yay! A trail - who cares where it goes? It's a trail!

Disgusting beetles.

Message to Bill - We need your email so you can join us for upcoming adventures! Although you might not want to join THIS kind of adventure!


Melissa said...

Awesome! I love your posts and updates.. Whenever I read one I want to get up and go outside.

Bill said...

Iris, I love reading about your adventures altho i cant recall ever going on one with a plan to get lost. I was so surprised to see you Saturday on the ridge in almost the same place as the DFMI race. I wanted to stop and chat but everyone looked so intently focused. thanks for thinking of me for future get-lost-adventures. send me a msg.

Danni said...

Can't believe I missed it!!!